Established and in operation since 2007, LAWPRO always adheres to the motto “Trust Creates Value,” meaning that our clients’ trust builds up our value

Consultancy Team

LAWPRO Consultancy Team resolves all legal issues derived from business activities of clients such as advice on contract, representative of clients in contract negotiation, legal examination, risk evaluation and solution for investment and trade, labor and human resource management and other tax or financial issues, etc

Corporate Team

Lawpro Corporate Team provides legal with respect to certificates related to Incorporation certificate, amendment of business registration certificate, application procedures for business licenses such as work permits for foreigners, franchising, real estate transaction floors, training centers, funds, associations, etc.

Dispute Resolution Team

Dispute Resolution Team of LAWPRO participates in consultancy, supports clients to settle disputes through negotiation, reconciliation and takes action in proceedings at courts and arbitration agencies. Our services are offered at an elite level with highly qualified, responsible and experienced partners and lawyers in fields related to cases of clients

Intellectual Property Team

LAWPRO provides services on registration of protection of marks, industrial designs, copyrights to organizations and individuals. We provide realistic advisory opinions with high quality as well as other necessary services in the process of registration and protection of intellectual property rights


LAWPRO has offered legal support and advisory services for thousands of clients in various areas. Our permanent operation helps us to accumulate experience and consolidate consulting skills for clients. LAWPRO is a leading professional firm in Vietnam, providing a broad range of services in the major areas of practices, including legal practice, intellectual property practice, investment consulting practice and dispute resolution practice


LAWPRO is currently the reunion of associates educated in prestigious law institutes in Vietnam and overseas with many holders of PhD and master degrees in law who have experienced a lot of different legal jobs throughout Vietnam


Legal Documents

At legal library of LAWPRO, clients can look up legal data from laws, ordinances, decrees & circulars to specialized documents guiding the executing of laws such as guiding dispatches. We usually update legal documents in fields of labor, tax, bank, trade, stock, construction, land and real estate, etc. for free

Legal Q&A

Lawyers of LAWPRO is ready to provide legal advisory services hourly for clients through Q&A online, document-based legal consultancy, or answer directly questions of organizations, corporations and individuals in investment, business, labor and other social issues. For your queries to legal issues, you are welcome to contact our lawyers directly to be answered

Administrative Procedures

To best support clients, other than direct legal support from our lawyers through specific operations, LAWPRO also provides clients necessary legal news in related administrative and legal procedures for consideration of regulations, exchange with lawyers, time-saving for lawyers as well as clients’ expenses

Legal News

LAWPRO usually update legal news on the website of the firm for clients to check the latest news the most quickly regarding legal changes in the society and business environments. Particularly, our legal news helps corporations to access multi-dimensional opinions of legal experts so as to foresee legal risks in the future and manage business activities more effectively

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  • As of 2020, Chairperson of the Management Board is prohibited from holding the position of General Director As of 2020, Chairperson of the Management Board [...]

    The Decree No. 71/2017/ND-CP providing guidance on company management applicable to public companies is coming into force as of August 01, 2017 and the Circular No. 121/2012/TT-BTC dated July 26, 2012 is abrogated. According to this Decree, there is [...]

  • New regulations on technology transfer agreements New regulations on technology transfer agreements

    The 2017 Law on Technology Transfer prescribes that technology transfer contracts must be made as follows: - The contract must be signed and stamped (where available) by contracting parties; signature or stamp (where available) must be affixed to [...]

  • Employer’s social insurance contribution rates official reduced Employer’s social insurance contribution rates [...]

    As of June 01, 2017, the Government’s Decree No. 44/2017/ND-CP stipulating the compulsory social insurance contribution rates to the fund for occupational accident and disease insurance will officially come into force. According to this Decree, [...]

  • New highlights of guidelines on practicing as tax intermediaries New highlights of guidelines on practicing as tax [...]

    The Official Dispatch No. 2465/TCT-TTHT addresses new regulations set out in the Circular No. 51/2017/TT-BTC as against the Circular No. 117/2012/TT-BTC providing guidance on practicing as tax intermediaries, including the following noticeable [...]